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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Which is REALLY Better:: Iphone or Android?

So I was probably the last guy to carry a flip phone for the longest, that I knew I had to act fast and get rid of the "flipper". I'm out in public and my phone rings, and I can't even answer it because it's too many females around me. Something had to give. Not to mention all the numbers I missed in the club, because how cool do I look typing a number in my flip phone? So yea, I finally decided enough was enough, and had to step my technology up. But I got hit with a tough decision, and that was, should I go with the Iphone or Android? I mean Steve Jobs seemed like he knew what he was doing, and Google I can't live without. So I had no clue which one to choose. I eventually went with the Android though, because hey, anything's better than a "flipper". lol... But I was just wondering what the public thought. In your biased opinion, Which is REALLY Better? Iphone or Android?


  1. Android is better I think.

  2. I have an android...so android..plus i don't like iphones simply bc everyone acts like they are the cell phone elite when they have one..they ask you what kind do you have and then just go.."oh...yeah...who's that by..?" now I'm mad again...thanks...lol

  3. Sorry to get you heated. But yea, I know exactly what you mean. lol

  4. android all day...IPHONES had it on smash when they first came out cause they were doing things no other phones could do but NOW ANDROID can do it all plus more.