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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stocks tip: 102

Thinking of jumping in the game but not sure how and where to start? For starters, there are many different types of investors. Like I mentioned in the previous posting, FORM A STRATEGY! Understand what type of investor you would like to be. Are you getting in the game for the long run or are you interested in making money now? I'm assuming you said to yourself, making money now, because if you didn't then I'm going to have to ask you, What planet are you from?? hahah.. So anyway, get a strategy, find a broker, there are many to choose from. Once you've found a broker, next (and this is speaking for individual investors, day traders or whatever you want to call yourself) you need to find some good potential companies to invest in. Doesn't really matter what a company did in the past or what they are doing now, the most important thing is, what will they do in the future. Find a company that is underpriced, but has potential to grow. Once you've found what you like, then feel free to buy as many shares as you want, and wait for it to go up and then sell it. Then do it all over again... and that's today's Stock tip..102.

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