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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is she dead??? lol

So I'm at the Carolina Panthers vs. Washington Redskins game the other day right. And I'm out there on a beautiful day, watching my boy Killa Cam Newton put in work. Carolina was gettin busy, just for the record. So then came Halftime, so you know, I tried to hurry up and go grab me a beverage and some nachos and all that. So as I'm in line at the concession stand, trying to figure out why the same beer I just bought at the lil stand a while ago, cost a dollar more over here, and we in the same stadium, owned by the same owner.(??smh). I noticed a body laying on the ground right beside the line. So you know, I had a few drinks in me, so I'm kind of like, "oh snap, is this lady dead?! what's going on?? and why nobody else don't see this shit??"...so I'm looking around like yo is this lady dead, because I don't see her moving. Then a man in front of me says, "yea she's ok, she just had too much to drink. Her friend left her there while she at the front of the line buying hotdogs." lol...so then I'm like, "wow, ok.. well in that case, shit let me take a picture of this real quick, cause this is a classic!" lol ...a few moments later, her friend comes and picks her up off the ground. The Redskins fan(drunk lady on the ground), then proceeds to get up off the ground and asks her friend, "Who's winning?" lol.... Sure wasn't the Redskins, and it definitely wasn't her!

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