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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

80's Baby

There's been a lot of debate about which generation or era (sort of say), is/was the best.  It seems as though kids nowadays have it too easy, and become lazy with all the new technology that's out.  By now, I'm sure you all have seen the groups and status' about when you were growing up, you did this, or did that, and how now "they" do this.  Well, I too, am an 80's Baby, and I just felt the need to elaborate a lil more on that topic and reminisce a lil bit.  Hope you guys don't mind, and I'm sure if you're an 80's Baby, you'll be saying to yourself, "Yup, I remember that! haha" .....Don't believe me? Ok watch! I wouldn't lie to you..... Let's get this thing started, shall we.....

                                                YOU KNOW YOU'RE AN 80's BABY if.....

1) You were born in the 1980's. Duh! ...ok, ok.. that was an icebreaker.
2) You used to watch the Smurfs on Saturday mornings
3) You had the "D.A.R.E." and "Take a bite out of crime" people come to your class in elementary school.
4) You had or wanted a pair of "MC Hammer pants"
5) You remember that commercial about the eggs that said "This is your brain on drugs"
6) You remember the commercial with the old lady on the ground talking about, "Help, I've fallen and I cant get up!"
7) You remember being scared when Hurricane Hugo hit
8) You used to have a poggo ball or poggo stick
9)  Your mom soed a patch over the hole on your jeans
10) You remember when Kmart had more customers than Walmart.
11) You remember collecting them "Garbage Pale Kids" cards
12) You remember when all the girls had Cabbage Patch dolls
13) You remember Downtown Julie Brown being the host on MTV
14) You actually used to watch the original "Saved by the Bell" episodes on Saturday mornings
15) You actually remember watching "In Living Color" when it came out.
16) You remember when British Knights came out....or BK's as we called them
17) You remember when there were pictures of missing kids on the back of milk cartons
18) Most of the boys in your class had a rat tail
19) You thought you was the shit with that money pouch you had around your waiste
20) You had a "Starter" coat with your favorite sports team logo on the front pouch
21) You remember fighting with your sibling about which cereal to get because of the toy that came in it.
22) You remember when all cereal boxes came with toys.
23) ALF!
24) You remember playing "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego", "Math Blaster", and "Oregon Trail" at school.
25) And you remember when movies were movies, not these stupid 3-D pictures they now show.  Bring back "Home Alone" and "Back to the Future"!

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