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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WTH was that!!?

I'm sitting here at the workplace, minding my own, trying to get some work done. The scene is pretty calm and mellow, not too much noise volume going on. Then out of no where, I hear this loud roar. A roar that one would hear in a horror movie when the monster or bad guy catches the lady and kills her. I quickly jump up and look around, because at this point I'm very startled. I'm saying to myself, "what was that?! Sounded like somebody just got stabbed!" Then I hear it again, and low and behold, it is the elderly woman sitting on the other side of the room who just sneezed. lol... Wooo, that was close, because I thought our building was under attack for a second. I was ready to jump out the 2nd floor window. lol

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