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Friday, November 11, 2011

Secret to Happiness

Happiness, does it even exist? Or is it just a word found in the dictionary. Seems as though everywhere I turn, I come across someone struggling with joy. I think I know why for the most part though. The common reason I'm noticing is that majority of people are tying in something they need/want to equal their happiness. I always hear, "well once I get this" or "if only I had that". Most people feel they need that extra thing/item in their life in order to be happy. The truth is, no matter how much money, love, materials, friends, etc., you have in your life, you'll never be truly happy until you form a spiritual relationship with the man upstairs. I'm sure they're some church going people reading this right now, who deep inside still aren't happy, and are probably confused. Well, to answer that, you're not really in tune the way you think you are! Channel you're emotions people, and form a relationship with the Lord. AND THAT'S, THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS. :)

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