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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rich Dad, Poor Dad??

So I go to work a few days ago, and a co-worker of mine says to me that the guy who made "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" will be in town soon holding a seminar.  I hear this and immediately got excited, asking for all kinds of details, because I know this guy knows his stuff; hence I read 2 of his books already.  I ask her if she knew when and where, but she said she didn't know too much, but would find out.  So now a few days pass, and I'm sitting in my car on lunch break today listening to the radio.  I hear a commercial come on referring to this seminar, so I turn the volume up to get the details of it.  It then directs me to a website where I can now go to and sign up for this "free" seminar being held next week.  After I complete all the questions on the questionaire for registration, (not sure what that was all about, but anyway) I get to the bottom of the form, and in small print it says, "Robert Kiyosaki will not attend this event".  At this point, I'm a lil pissed off, thinking WTH kind of ish is this?!  That's like saying there will be a "Watch the Throne" concert in town, and then in small print say, Jay-Z and Kanye will not be attending this event! ..SMH That's crazy! ..................p.s.-I will be in attendance though..lol Shoot, you never know...might learn something from someone else there.

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