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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray Sentenced

Today in Los Angeles, Dr. Conrad Murray awaited his sentencing for the conviction of involuntary manslaughter.  Dr. Murray was convicted of such a charge pertaining to the death of legendary artist, Michael Jackson.  Friends, fans, and family of Michael hoped that Murray would see a much stiffer conviction, but only came away with involuntary manslaughter.  However today, after hearing the outcome of sentencing from Judge Pastor, the Jackson estate feels Murray’s sentence was “appropriate and called for.”  L.A. County Judge Pastor, sentenced Dr. Conrad Murray to 4 years of imprisonment, stating that he feels Murray is “a disgrace to the medical profession.”  Some have already rumored that Murray will not have to serve this punishment due to the over population of inmates in the California’s confinement.

Read more: http://trifter.com/usa-canada/california/dr-conrad-murray-sentenced/#ixzz1f88iKU3T

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