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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do people really prefer "True Love" over "Fame", and "Money"?

The topic of discussion today was, Fame, Money, or True Love, which one would YOU choose? There was an interesting debate going on at the workplace, so I thought I would continue on and ask others what they'd choose. My first thought amongst many would be that everyone would choose MONEY. People like nice things, like to eat, travel, and all that good stuff, right? Or maybe people would choose FAME? I mean afterall, we still got some grown, throwback, high school ish going on even as adults. We got FB celebrities, people at their jobs throwing their "titles" around, and just people in general who appreciates attention...so maybe people will pick FAME? Well, after further conclusion, boy was I wrong! Everyone, but a few, picked TRUE LOVE! After I thought about it though, it makes sense. One of my favorite rappers said it best, "Money will never equal to the Love." People were choosing TRUE LOVE because love is something that is uncontrollable, and cannot be made. TRUE LOVE only comes around so often, or may not come around at all, depending on your blessings. So if you're out there reading this, and you have somebody that truely loves you, for who you are, you better do everything you can to keep that person! Or you may regret it later. REAL RAP


  1. I would definitely choose true love! If the love is real, ya'll can work together to conquer the world, make money and make fame...love really is the only one of the three that can't be made. I had someone who loved me more than anything and didn't know how to love him back, and now that I'm finally learning and seeing what I really had, it's too late. So, you are 100% right..do what you can to keep that person because love is a gift..it's the most precious gift..and you will regret it later once you realize you let it go...

  2. Well said Sharee! In life, love is all you need.

  3. I would choose true love. If u have that nothing else seems to matter.

  4. When it all boils down u can't take either one with you when you die all three of them....you jus gotta take yo blessing as they giving to you....but I'd much rather have true love...no one wants to die alone...